Revolving Funds


This article defines the scope, requirements, and limitations of revolving funds, including the receipts to be credited to the fund, the purpose for which funds may be expended and the Town official or employee authorized to expend the same.


This article is enacted pursuant to the provisions of GL c. 44 §53E ½ and GL c. 40 §21.

Authorized Spending

  • The Town official authorized in §6 to expend monies from a particular revolving fund may incur liabilities against and spend monies from that fund without appropriation at a town meeting.
  • The total amount spent from a revolving fund during a fiscal year shall not exceed the amount authorized by the Annual Town Meeting or any increase therein as may later be authorized by the Select Board and Finance Committee in accordance with GL c. 44 §53E ½.
  • No liability shall be incurred in excess of the available balance of each revolving fund.

Procedures & Report

All General Laws, by-laws, and regulations that govern the receipt, custody, expenditure, payment, and reporting of Town funds shall apply to the use of revolving funds.

Fund Termination

  • A fund may be terminated by a majority vote of the Town Meeting.
  • Following termination of a revolving fund, and unless earlier transferred by Town Meeting, at the end of that fiscal year the fund balance shall revert to the General Fund.

Authorized Funds

The following revolving funds are authorized by the Town:

Revolving Fund

Authorized to Expand

Revenue Source

Use of Fund

Animal Control Department

Animal Control OfficerACO Kennel User FeesSupplies for the operation of Regional ACO Kennel
Board of HealthBoard of HealthInspection FeesInspection services, costs, and expenses
Earthworks BoardEarthworks BoardFiling and other feesAdministrative services, costs, and expenses
Planning BoardPlanning BoardFiling and other feesAdministrative services, costs, and expenses
Recreation DepartmentRecreation CoordinatorFees paid by ParticipantsSalaries and recreational activities
Rutland Development and Industrial CommissionRDICApplication and other feesAdministrative services, costs, and expenses

Recreation Department

Safe Place Director

Fees paid by Participants

Salaries and school year programs including but not limited to the Safe Place Programs

Zoning Board of AppealsZBAFiling and other feesLegal postings, administrative fees, costs, and other related expenses

Section 6

Amended Special Town Meeting November 15, 2017 / Effective February 28, 2018, Amended Annual Town Meeting May 7, 2022, and Special Town Meeting November 17, 2022