Section 5.0 Signs Allowable in All Districts

5.0 Signs Allowable in All Districts

5.0.1 Permanent Farm Stand Signs
Farm stands offering produce or other farm-related products may be allowed two(2) signs at such property, with a permit granted by the Building Inspector, to advertise the Farm. The sign may include permanent or changeable copy where items available change from time to time, provided that such sign shall not exceed twelve (12) square feet and shall be located at least five feet from the public way. Permanent Farm stand signs may be allowed in addition to other signs that would otherwise be permitted on the property under the provisions of this bylaw, including temporary farm stand signs.

5.1 Exempt Signs

The following types of signs represent the history and culture of the Rutland community and shall be allowed without a permit.

5.1.1 Historic & Cultural Signs

Historical markers, tablets, statues, memorial signs, and plaques; names of buildings and dates of erection and emblems installed by governmental agencies, religious or non-profit organizations; not exceeding six square feet shall not require a permit.

5.1.2 Residential Identification Signs

Signs identifying residential owners or occupants or addresses shall not require a permit provided the sign does not exceed three square feet. A sign exceeding three square feet may be approved following review by the Building Inspector prior to installation.

5.1.3 Home Occupation/Major Home Occupation Identification Sign

One sign identifying a home occupation, major home occupation, or accessory use that is authorized under the Rutland Zoning By-law, shall be allowed for each property for which a home occupation or accessory use is present. Such sign shall be exempt so long as it measures no more than four square feet in area. Such a sign may be a monument sign attached to the building or maybe freestanding and not more than eight feet high. Off-site directional signs associated with a permitted home occupation may be permitted in accordance with section 6.1.9.

5.1.4 Multi-unit Dwelling Complexes

In the event that the occupants of a residential structure are part of a congregate living facility, senior care, group homes, apartment, or other multifamily dwelling, one sign not exceeding eight square feet may be permitted to identify the group.

5.1.5 Entrance Signs

Up to two freestanding or monument signs may be provided at each roadway entrance to a subdivision or existing neighborhood to identify the name of the subdivision or neighborhood, provided that each sign does not exceed sixteen (16) square feet in area, complies with this section and does not reduce site visibility to or from intersecting roads.

5.1.6 Sponsor Signs

Signs advertising or soliciting the support of local non-profit youth or functions through local business advertising shall not require permits, so long as such signs are incorporated into an integral part of a structure used by the group (e.g. Charles D. Marsh Little League outfield fence). Signs shall be erected in an orderly arrangement and safely and securely attached to the supporting structure. The sponsored group shall be responsible for ensuring the maintenance of sponsor signs or alternatively their removal. Individual sponsor signs shall not exceed sixteen (16) square feet, shall be maintained in good repair, and shall be removed or replaced at the discretion of the sponsored group.

5.1.7 Seasonal Farm Stand Signs

Farm stands offering produce or other farm-related products may post two signs at such property, without a permit, to advertise such products for sale. The sign may include a permanent or changeable copy where the items available change from time to time, provided that such sign shall not exceed eight square feet, shall be located at least five feet from the public way, and shall be posted no more than six months of the year. Farm stand signs are allowed in addition to any other signs that would otherwise be permitted on the property under the provisions of this bylaw.

5.1.8 Municipal Signs

Signs erected or positioned by The Town of Rutland containing temporary messages approved by the Board of Selectmen or their designee

5.2 Temporary Signs

Temporary Signs are permitted by right without a permit in accordance with this section and provided that the requirements of section 4.0 above are satisfied. Any temporary sign that does not comply with this section must comply with the permit requirements of this chapter or otherwise be subject to enforcement action

5.2.1 Election Signs

Signs relating to candidates for public office, ballot questions, and notices pertaining to voting shall be allowed and must be removed within three days after the election or vote.

5.2.2 Message signs

Signs displaying messages regarding a public event shall not be erected more than four weeks prior to the event; shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet in area; and shall be removed within three days after the event.

5.2.3 Yard Sale Signs

Signs advertising a yard sale, not to exceed six square feet each may be displayed for not more than five consecutive days. The holder of the yard sale may post no more than four signs. Signs must be removed within twelve hours after the yard sale.

5.2.4 Sandwich Boards

In all non-residential districts sandwich board signs are allowed during business hours, provided that the Sign does not exceed eight square feet in area (per side) and is displayed no more than 12 hours per day. In addition, sandwich boards shall be located in a manner that does not create a safety hazard or hindrance to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

5.2.5 Contractors & For Sale or Lease Signs

An on-premises sign identifying the contractor, builder, architect, landscape architect, and/or engineer's name, address, and other pertinent information shall be allowed provided such signs do not exceed sixteen (16) square feet and are set back a minimum of two feet behind the property line.

For sale, rent, or lease signs are allowed on-premises to advertise the property being sold, leased, or rented, provided that:

  • Such sign shall not exceed eight square feet;
  • Such signs shall advertise only the property on which the sign is located, except off-premises signs of not greater than six square feet may be posted for a maximum of 18 hours to provide directions for one-day events so long as they do not restrict visibility.
  • A maximum of two signs may be maintained on any property being sold, leased, or rented. The owner or agent shall remove signs governed by this subsection within ten days of the sale, lease, rent, completion of work or issuance of a certificate of occupancy, as applicable.

5.2.6 Banner Signs

One Fixed banner for advertising special events, sales, or otherwise identifying the user of the property shall be allowed provided they are not illuminated by external lights. The total area of any banner sign shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet. The Town of Rutland is exempt from the size requirement where the purpose of the banner is to promote public participation in public events such as meetings, voting, or celebrations. Such public notice or public participation banners shall not be present in any location for longer than two weeks.

5.3 Off-site directional signs within town rights-of-way

Any Rutland business may request up to two off-site directional signs to be placed within the right-of-way of public roads at road intersections directing traffic to the business. Purchase of the signs shall be through the Department of Public Works and the business owner shall be responsible for all costs of the signs including design, purchase, installation, maintenance, and replacement. The signs shall be similar in construction and size to normal town-installed street signs. The colors and print on the signs shall be contrasting to regularly used street signs ( i.e. street signs are green background with white letters, directional signs should be something like white background with green letters) The directional signs may be affixed to existing street sign posts below the street sign or to a separate sign post as directed by the Superintendent of the DPW. The location of the signs at the intersection shall be determined by the DPW and shall conform to section 4.1.1 of this bylaw and the DPW shall install the signs and post if needed.