Section IX. Fee Schedule

This fee schedule shall set minimum fees. The Planning Board may require fee amounts in excess of this schedule if, in its opinion, such fee amounts are necessary for proper review of an application or to ensure compliance with Planning Board decisions. Filing fees are not refundable.

The Planning Board may retain outside consultants and require that applicants pay a Review Fee determined by the anticipated cost to employ outside consultants engaged by the Board in the review of an application and to ensure compliance with Planning Board decisions. Unused review fees will be returned to the applicant in accordance with M.G.L. c. 44 §53G.

Approval Not Required Plans (Form A)

Filing Fee $300 + $50 per lot and/or parcel altered or created.


  • Preliminary Plans (Residential)
    • Filing Fee $3,000 + $250 per lot
    • Review Fee $5,000 + $500 per lot
  • Preliminary Plan (Non-Residential)
    • Filing Fee $1,000
    • Review Fee $1,000 + $75/acre
  • Definitive Plans (Residential - Preceded by a Preliminary Plan)
    • Filing Fee $3,000 + $250 per lot
    • Review Fee $5,000 + $500 per lot
  • Definitive (Residential - Not preceded by a Preliminary Plan)
    • Filing Fee $6,000 + $500 per lot
    • Review Fee $10,000 + $1,000 per lot
  • Definitive Plans (Non-Residential)
    • Filing Fee $1000
    • Review Fee $4 per linear foot of proposed roadway (measured by the center line) plus $1,000 if the plans include retention or detention facilities
  • Subdivision Where No Ways are Created
    • Filing Fee $1,000
    • Review Fee $5,000

One-third (1/3) of the fee is required at submission, 1/3rd at approval of the plan, and the last 1/3rd at bonding of the subdivision and release of covenant.

Senior Housing

  • Filing Fee $2,500 + $250 per unit
  • Review Fee $5,000 + $250 per unit

Special Permits

  • All special permits per Rutland Zoning Bylaws except major home occupation (MHO)
  • Application Fee $500
  • A review fee of $ may be required depending on the application
  • Application fee (MHO) $250
  • Open Space
  • Senior Housing
  • Common Driveways
  • Village District Center
  • Estate Lots


  • Any application not accompanied by the appropriate fee, payable to the Town of Rutland, in cash, money order, bank, or certified check shall be deemed incomplete
  • If consulting expenses exceed the regular fee collected, the Planning Board will require additional fees from the Applicant.
  • Any Consulting Fees not used will be returned to the Applicant upon completion and acceptance of the subdivision.
  • An Applicant's failure to pay any additional review or inspection fee within three business days of notice that further fees are required shall be grounds for either disapproval or rescission of a decision of the Planning Board.

Common Driveways:

Any and all appropriate review fees shall be paid by the applicant prior to any final approval.

Adopted 10/12/10 by the Rutland Planning Board