Town Meetings

Date of Meeting

Section 1. The Annual Town Meeting shall be held on the Saturday preceding the second Monday of May each year.

Section 2. Notice of every Town Meeting shall be given by posting attested copies of the Warrant therefor in at least five public places in the Town, not less than fourteen (14) days before the day fixed for such meeting

Business of Meeting

Section 3. All business of the Annual Town Meeting except for the election of offices and the determination of such matters as are required by law to be elected or determined by ballot, shall be considered on the Saturday preceding the second Monday of May each year; the election of town officials and all other matters to be determined by ballot shall take place on the second Monday of May each year.


Section 4. The number of voters necessary to constitute a quorum at any town meeting shall be ten: provided, however, that a number less than a quorum may, from time to time, adjourn the same.

Order of Articles in Warrant

Section 5. Articles of the warrant shall be acted upon in the order in which they appear unless otherwise determined by vote of the meeting.

Motions in Writing

Section 6. All motions having to do with the expenditure of money shall be presented in writing; other motions shall be in writing if so directed by the Moderator.

Priority of Motions

Section 7. When a question is before the meeting, namely; to adjourn: to lay on table: for the previous question: to postpone to a time certain: to commit: to recommit or refer: to amend: to postpone indefinitely: shall be received and shall have precedence in the foregoing order: and the first three shall be decided without debate.

Limit of Debate

Section 8. No person shall speak more than once on any question to the exclusion of any other person who may desire to speak thereon, no more than twice without first obtaining leave of the meeting, except, in either case, for the brief correction of an error in or misunderstanding of his previous statement.

Section 9. No person shall speak for more than ten minutes on any question unless his time shall be extended by a vote of the meeting.

Committee Reports

Section 10. All committees shall report as directed by the town. If no report is made within a year after its appointment, a committee shall be discharged unless, in the meantime, the town shall have granted an extension of time.

Completion of Business

Section 11. No action, the effect of which would be to dissolve the meeting, shall be in order until every article in the warrant therefore has been duly considered and acted upon, but this shall not preclude the postponement of consideration of any article to an adjournment of the meeting at a stated time and place.

Section 12. No Town Meeting, annual or special, shall extend beyond midnight without the approval of the Moderator and a majority vote of those present and voting. Absent such joint approval, said meeting shall be adjourned one week to the same time and place as the adjourned meeting was scheduled.

note: Section 1 and Section 3 were amended in May 2014
Section 1 and Section 3 amended May 2015 / effective September 18, 2015